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High Voltage DC (HVDC)
Output 115/230/380V DC
Power Supply Solutions


As applications of green energy and industrial products become more diversified, related products integrate various high voltage direct current (HVDC) applications directly, such as electrolysis, charging energy storage equipment, UV curing or laser applications to improve product performance and eliminate or reduce unnecessary power conversion losses. More and more industrial products use DC voltages greater than 60V. MEAN WELL has continued to develop a variety of high-voltage output power products, and continues to provide standard power supplies for green energy industries and industrial-grade equipment.

MEAN WELL also provides a variety of cooling methods according to the application requirements of industrial equipment. These include conduction cooling, water cooling and forced air cooling, all designed to offer customers conveniency to accomplish overall planning with system equipment. In addition, the input voltage provide single-phase or three-phase input (AC) voltage, and the output includes three different high-voltage DC, 115V, 230V and 380V, this provides customers with a various selection of high-voltage choices. Moreover, programmable output voltage current and digital communications interface (CANbus/PMBus/MODbus) also helps customer when dealing with system integration or system automation.




Single/Three-phase AC input,
multi-industrial applications

Provides single-phase and three-phase three-wire or three-phase four-wire AC power supply applications, and a variety of standard power supplies with high-voltage DC output,

which can meet the application possibilities for multiple industries.

Low profile,
compact design

Miniaturized design, mechanism height <2U 88.9 mm, which is convenient for integrating the power supply into the system.

pic02 (1).png

Parallel function
to extend wattage

Models above 3000W provide parallel function, which can be extended in parallel according to equipment load requirements, with a maximum parallel wattage up to 40kW.

communication interface

In addition to programmable adjustment to the output voltage and current, many models also provide digital communication interfaces, such as CANBus, PMBus, MODBus, which are more convenient for digital integration between the power supply and system.


Case Studies


Charging and energy storage system

With the increase in energy storage and related electric charging applications, in order to shorten the charging time or increase battery capacity, the system will often use multiple battery modules in series to increase the voltage, so as to shorten the charging time and reduce the high current charging, or use parallel connection as a way to increase the capacity of the battery to provide longer use. Therefore, all kinds of high-voltage charging needs can be addressed with MEAN WELL HVDC power supply.

Choosing a suitable HVDC power supply solution

UHP-1500-HV      HEP-2300-HV     PHP-3500              HVCSP-3000
Input Voltage

90~264V AC                90~305V AC                 90~264V AC                 180~264V AC

115V / 230V / 380V

120V / 250V / 400V

Output Voltage

Heat Dissipation

Fanless design,
conduction cooling

Fanless design,
aluminum extrusion

Fanless design,
conduction and water cooling

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95.5%                                                      96%                               93%

Programming Function

PV: Voltage adjustable (50%~120%)
PC: Current adjustable (20%~100%)

PV: (20%~120%)
PC: (20%~100%)

CANBus / PMBus / MODBus


Digital Communication interface

290x 140x 41 mm

375x 280x 88 mm

380x 141x 60 mm

278x 177.8x 63.5 mm

Waterproof Level

Semi-Potting                        IP67                                 N/A                                   N/A

Warranty                                                                 5 years                                                   3 years

· DC Centralized bus
· Lighting

· Electrolysis equipment
· Outdoor telecom equipment

· Laser cutting
· Charging equipment

· UV curing equipment
· Any indoor equipmwnt

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