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DC Centralized Bus
Lighting Solutions


More than 100 years ago, the development of the power system began at the beginning of the second industrial revolution. At that time, the commercial genius Edison, who focused on the DC grid, and the inventor Tesla, who preferred the AC grid, competed with each other, and Tesla's AC grid ultimately prevailed. The main reason was that under the conditions at that time, there were not too many electronic products, and in addition, the DC grid could not supply power for too great a distance, and many substations had to be built. Therefore, the AC grid won and that power grid was developed to this day.

Nowadays, with the rapid advancement of science and technology, all kinds of electronic products are inseparable from our daily life. In addition, countries around the world have begun to pay attention to energy conservation and carbon reduction issues. Therefore, the development of renewable energy is the future trend, and Effective integration of green energy generation and energy storage will be a major issue in the future. MEAN WELL will take this as a starting point to define a new DC centralized bus solution, leading to MEAN WELL becoming a pioneer in DC bus power applications, as well as lighting applications designed to reduce both power conversion losses and construction costs. Therefore, the DC centralized bus power (DC Grid), will no longer be just a concept, but a necessary part of energy infrastructure and an issue that cannot be ignored in the future.

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DC Centralized Bus Power Solutions

MEAN WELL defines the leading edge of DC centralized bus power and DC lighting applications. Currently, it offers low-voltage 48V safe voltage and high-voltage 380V centralized bus power solutions, providing a variety of enclosed-type power supplies as front-end centralized power supply, and then with DC-DC LED drive, provides complete lighting solutions. The biggest advantage of DC centralized bus power is that it can be easily integrated into the renewable energy system to reduce the loss of power conversion and combine with energy storage system applications, so as to achieve a complete "DC world" (DC House).


DC Low Voltage 48V Lighting / DC High Voltage 380V Lighting


The DC 380V bus combined with a renewable energy generation system, and energy storage system (ESS), or used for charging electric vehicles, or as a power source for general electrical products, can directly replace the traditional AC 230V, effectively reducing power conversion loss.

In addition to being used with electrical products or for charging, DC 380V bus can also be used in conjunction with lighting systems. For example, MEANWELL has recently launched an LED driver, NHDD-40 series, which can directly convert DC 380V into constant current output and used with LED luminaires, greatly reducing the overall setup cost. MEAN WELL will lead the market and drive the DC centralized bus lighting application trend.

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Case Studies

Directly convert AC power to DC 380V voltage, and drive luminaires in offices or servers in data centers.

Luminaire Selection Guide

Panel light (60x60 cm) / Linear Light (120x8cm) / Honeycomb Light (120x8cm)

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