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Date: 2017.12.29

Date: 2017.12.14

MEAN WELL Showcased Range of Medical Power Solutions at BIOMEDevice Boston 2018

Date: 2018.05.18

Boston, Massachusetts, April 18-19, 2018 – MEAN WELL showcased its cutting -edge medial power solution at BIOMEDevice Boston show, Boston, 2018. BIOMEDevice Boston is one of the thriving MedTech industry events across the country, which connects more than 4,500 engineers and executives; and more than 450 leading suppliers to join the show.


This year MEAW WELL is delighted to display the full spectrum of cutting- edge medical power solution; including the new launched NMP650/1K2 series-the medical grade intelligent modular power solution. NMP family has Independent output module slots and an ultra-wide output voltage range, which allows users to adjust the output voltage, current and wattage in a more smart and flexible way.


MEAN WELL also introduced its 1000W enclosed type medical power solution, MSP-1000 series. The full 90~264 VAC input voltage range and multiple12-48V output voltages make MSP-1000 series suitable for all kinds of medical applications. MSP-1000 series also meets medical standards, 2x MOOP, and is equipped with various built-in functions such as auxiliary power, remote control functions (remote ON/OFF, remote sense, and DC OK signal), which offers a much better design flexibility.


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New Medical Power Short Form on the Shelf Now

Date: 2018.02.23

Our new Medical Power Supply Short Form is available at our MEAN WELL website now. We invite you to download the PDF file or browse the e-book. Compared to the old version, the new short form introduces the MDS/MDD series (DC/DC Converter) that can be promoted with the AC/DC PSU, GEM series (External Adaptor), miniaturized MPM/MFM series (On Board Type) and upgraded modular NMP series (Enclosed Type). Please click the pictures below for more information, thank you.

New functions and assembly introduction for NMP series

Date: 2018.01.25

NMP is MEAN WELL’s new generation intelligent modular power supply, bringing forth state-of-the-art designs on two key parts: Front-End NMP-1K2 (1200W), NMP-650 (650W) and NMS-240 (240W) output module. This product family offers ultimate flexibility on configurable output power and voltage, which allows users to fully customize the output voltages by choosing from 5V, 12V, 24V and 48V output modules. Furthermore, user can increase output current via parallel connection of power modules or increase output voltage via serial connection.

NMP family also provides intelligent control functions including:

  • Remote on/off (global or local on/off control), which can turn on/off entire power system at once or turn on/off specific module by choice.

  • Output Voltage Programming (PV), using external signal voltage to tune up or down output voltage.

  • Constant Current Level Programming (PC), using external signal voltage to tune up or down overload protection (OLP) trip point.

  • DC OK signal output allows the system to monitor the status of power supply.

  • 5V Aux output to drive devices within the system being powered by NMP.

The New LED Sign Panel Short Form is on the Shelf
MEAN WELL Power Supplies won the 2018 Taiwan Excellence Award!

The 26th “Taiwan Excellence Selection” was executed by the Bureau of Foreign Trade under the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan. After 3 months of document reviews and on-spot evaluation by more than 100 well-known experts, the “Taiwan Excellence Award” has finally been announced on December 05, 2017. MEAN WELL’s “480W Wide Input with Dimmable Constant Power Mode LED Driver~HVGC-480 series” and “1200W Intelligent Modular Power Supply~NMP1K2 series” stood out of 1209 selected products and have won the awards.

The Key features of MEAN WELL Sign Panel Power Supply are slim design and high cost-performance. The product lines include: U-shape, fanless design — UHP series, Conformal Coating—HSP series, and the 1U low profile RSP series, etc… To let customers instantly know MEAN WELL Sign Panel Power Supply, the new version LED sign panel short form is launched. The key features of this short form are:

1. Selection table is added for quick and easy selection

2. Product arrangement is reorganized

After nearly few months of intensive discussions, R&D project engineers and product and marketing team co-worked for preparing the necessary documents as well as introduction videos for the on-spot evaluation. Finally, these two products have been recognized by its innovation design and brand image, and won the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2018!

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